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What is Truvision?

TruVision Health Weight Loss supplements promise to inspire you and help “improve your well-being” using ingredients that can optimize your blood chemistry. As a result, you could maintain a healthy body weight, mental clarity, general sense of well-being, blood sugar balance, liver health, immune function, and more.

  • Take one blue and one orange capsule before breakfast with a large glass of water and one blue and one orange again before lunch. If using the truFix or truControl drink packets you can combine them into one bottle and drink them together or drink them separately. 
  • Try not to take the lunch dose after 2pm to avoid difficulty sleeping that evening. If you have a sensitive stomach be sure to take with food.
  • CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY! Put an alarm on your phone to remind you to take the capsules. You won’t see the same results if you skip doses along the way.
  • This product wasn’t designed for a specific meal plan or exercise, but of course results are greater if a healthy plan is implemented. If you are dealing with thyroid issues, hormonal issues or PCOS, you may find that a low carb diet will suit you best.
  • Protein is a huge factor in losing weight. It feeds your muscles and keeps your metabolism going. It leans you out. Always try to get protein in your diet.
  • BE SURE TO EAT! You will get the jitters or feel sick if you are not putting healthy food into your body.
  • Drink plenty of water! The fat broken down in your body will need to be flushed out. A rule of thumb is 8 ounces for every 25 lbs of body weight but no less than 64 ounces a day and not to exceed 128 ounces a day. Try to consistently drink water throughout the day.
  • When you first starting taking the product your body will need some time to detox. You may experience some different reactions such as the jitters, but this should pass. You can ease into the process by taking the pills just in the morning for a few days. Again, consistency is key!
  • Detox is the #1 factor why people quit the products too soon. This will pass after a week or so!! There are several remedies to help speed this process up. Epsom salt baths are a huge help! Epsom salt can be purchased anywhere. Take 1-2 cups and put it in a warm to hot bath and soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • If you are taking any medication you can take the ingredient list to your pharmacist to check for interactions. Also, show the ingredient list to your medical provider if you have any medical conditions or concerns.
  • MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS! Take pictures and measurements before you start. This is a track record for yourself. It is important because we look at ourselves all the time, so changes can be hard to notice. Sometimes we are losing inches but we don’t see it on the scale.
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